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Generic DNS with Exchange 2003

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  • Generic DNS with Exchange 2003

    Our mail is being rejected by certain hosts because of generic DNS set up. I have read what this is, but altering that specific issue in our current setup might cause problems. Because of this I would like to know the recommended setup before proceeding.

    We run our own Exchange 2003 server with a spam filter device. We have an mx record set up to point to our spam filter. In bound mail goes through the spam filter and then to our Exchange server.

    Outbound mail leaves our Exchange server directly with a different IP address.

    Should we route inbound and outbound through spam filter then set up generic dns on the mx record?

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    Re: Generic DNS with Exchange 2003

    If I understand the issue correctly the rejection is caused because the reverse DNS PTR record for your domain resolves to something like "" as opposed to "" so to resolve this you need to either get your ISP to change the PTR records appropriately or relay your outbound email through your ISP's Smart Host.

    Can't see any reason why changing either of those would cause issues, not without further information anyway.
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