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  • email/domain filtering

    1. i want to create a user "ZZZ" which should be only able to send and receive emails within my organization. suppose if my organization is he should be only able to send and receive mails to and from no yahoo, gamil etc emails allowed. and the others users of should have complete access to receive emails from any sources.

    2. i want all the emails that are sent to this account of "ZZZ" to be received by me to the administrator account (only emails sent from people outside the organisation) i.e. from any domain except later on i will forward them to him.

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    Re: email/domain filtering

    To stop the user from sending email to the Internet you need to configure a connector:

    Inbound email is more difficult.

    The only option I can think of is just set [email protected] (ie whatever email address matches your usual standard) to direct somewhere else. However if someone internally enters the SMTP address then Exchange/Outlook will resolve it to the account that has the address on it.

    Exchange 2007 can do this easily using transport rules, but that concept doesn't exist in Exchange 2003.

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      Re: email/domain filtering

      You may want to clarify why you want to do this, as it may lead to a more elegant solution.
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        Re: email/domain filtering

        I have a new user who is under training for 2 months and i want him to be accessible to all within the company thru companies domain. Since he is new, for the concept of data security i want to block all his emails sent / received to / from external domains.


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          Re: email/domain filtering

          Make sure you getting his email is allowed by company policy / law in your country. Since he's a new user is there any reason for him to email out / receive external email?
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            Re: email/domain filtering

            For denying inbound email there was always a easy solution, just give that user a fantasy SMTP address.
            1. Uncheck addresses generated by policies
            2. Delete the policy created SMTP address
            3. Give the user a new SMTP address (make sure your organization is aware of this SMTP address space).

            As a example, if you followed general guidelines your AD should have a internal name like xyz.local while your SMTP name space would be, so you can just give this user a SMTP address like [email protected]. This mailbox will be fully operational internal an no one from the Internet will be able to send mail to this mailbox. The only exception might be if this user is in a distribution list which is reachable from the Internet but this might be on purpose.