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Change domain and Link exchange users to new domain users

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  • Change domain and Link exchange users to new domain users

    I looked through the posts, but couldn't find anything that matched my exact scenario. I have an exchange server on a domain controller of domain A and I want to change it to be a part of domain B and link the exchange users to the users in domain B so that it's as seamless as possible to the users. I was looking up the rendom utility and XDR-fixup utility, but I'm concerned about them working properly for exchange on a domain controller. It's a long story why it was setup that way and why it needs to be changed. It would technically be possible to leave it the same, but then I wonder about "attaching" the users from Domain B to their respective exchange accounts on Domain A through the already established domain trust.

    The only other scenario I can think of is to just install exchange on a new server that's not a domain controller and that's already attached to the domain and setup mailboxes for all the users in domain B, but then that would require importing the mail from the exchange server in domain A and setting up everything again for the new exchange box which I'm not sure I want to do. And I'm not sure how long that would take or what would happen to incoming e-mails while the servers are down.

    Any suggestions as to the best course of action? And/or a simple way of accomplishing this? Thank you!

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    Re: Change domain and Link exchange users to new domain users

    Beside the fact that switching Exchange servers between domains isn't supported by Microsoft I don't think that your 1st szenario will ever work.

    If both domains are in the same forest you can just setup a 2nd Exchangebox, migrate the users with admt and move the mailboxes over, but I guess the domains are also in different forests so I would sugest a classic cross org migration.

    If you are able to reuse the organization name and the name of the administrative group you can think about a restore szenario for the databases.


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      Re: Change domain and Link exchange users to new domain users

      Thanks for the reply. So, I guess there probably isn't an "easy fix" but I did think of another scenario. But I'm not sure if it's possible...

      I install exchange in domain B and give everyone mailboxes. Have all e-mail that comes into domain A to forward to the exchange box in domain B so that the same messages go to both exchange servers. Then I can take as long as I need to get the old e-mail transferred over.

      The main problem is that the exchange box for domain A is currently off-site and I'm not sure the best way of bringing it on-site while not losing any e-mails. I can access it remotely, but the transfer rate to move things over is very slow so I might as well just drive over and pick it up. Regardless of the process, there may be e-mails coming in over the weekend that would not arrive while the server is off-line.


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        Re: Change domain and Link exchange users to new domain users

        Yes, you can setup Exchange in that way, I would do this in the following way:
        1. Define a second SMTP addressspace for contacts.
        2. Setup Exchange in DomainB with 2 SMTP addresses, the real one as primary and second one for delivery from DomainA.
        3.Create contacts in DomainA which points addresswise to the mailboxes in DomainB.
        4. Configure a SMTP connector to route mails with the second addressspace from DomainA to DomainB.
        5. Configure the mailboxes on DomainA to deliver mails to the mailbox and the contact.

        This will work if you switch all users from DomainA to DomainB at the same time, if you want to do it step-by-step you have to make sure that users from DomainB are able to send mails to users from DomainA.
        Be aware that users should work at any time with only one mailbox or else you will get inconsistencies between the mailboxes. This of course covers only the mailflow between the 2 organizations other features like schedule free/busy or public folder access are a whole other story.

        This migration could be made easy for users or easy for administrators, it all depends on your needs, your time frame and so on.