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  • smtp relay promplem

    i discover that what kept my exchange server so damm busy is that
    someone uses it as smtp relay and send alot of messages (spam) to many domain...

    i tried to dissable the relay according to some pages found in the net but none of them help (even microsoft support center help), im clueless...

    what can i do, ? i can i diasble these relay function ?!?!


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    What steps did you take to disable your relay? How do you know they don't work? What is your current setting? Why not just stop the SMTP for a while (or at least block it on the FW) till you fix your problem (which should be pretty fast, it's only a click or two...)

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      hi !


      read the article :

      How to block open SMTP relaying and clean up Exchange Server SMTP queues in Windows Small Business Server
      Article ID : 324958

      in microsoft site, the problem the describe there i such that i have,
      my guess is that somthing uses my Exchange server to spam accross alot of domains.

      i did all it says over that article, checked the configuration of the exchange server, cleaned the remaining spam left in the Virtual SMTP, done everything they says, in the first hour all went back to normal and the 5-10 messege of warrning i recive in the Event Viewer on MSExchangeTransport id 4000 or 4001 was desapir but after that all come back again and i think it continue to relay the spam...
      pic of the warrnings attached (wanted but my up limit succed).

      1) Norton AV scan found nothing.
      2) Spywere scan found few cookies , was deleted but nothing hi risk.
      3) Update service on server dont work somehow.
      4) The internet speed is still lower then usuall.

      if you have any ida what can cause or how to disable it ill workship u !