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Outgoing mail account problem

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  • Outgoing mail account problem

    Hello everyone. Before I continue, I must say that I have spent the last 6 hours searching for the answer to this (both on Google and these forums) and so far the solution has eluded me.

    I have an Exchange 2003 environment here, with approximately 30 users. For all intensive purposes, the system functions flawlessly and exactly as a default system should function.

    My needs, however, are not the default needs.

    I need to somehow set the system up so that all outgoing (SMTP) mail comes from one single account, rather than each user's individual account (instead from [email protected] it needs to come from [email protected]). I've looked into the SMTP connector, but by what I've seen that will only allow me to set outgoing mail to relay through another server, rather than making it come from one account on another (or even this) server.


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    Re: Outgoing mail account problem

    Can't be done natively.
    Exchange isn't designed to work in that way.

    You are looking at address rewriting.
    You basically have two options.

    1. A single account for everyone. If you are going to do that though you may as well throw Exchange in the bin.
    2. A third party tool that can do address rewriting. Exclaimer can do that, there could be others.
    Exchange 2007 can also do it I believe (I would have to look at the transport rules to confirm).

    Its an odd way of working, and is not normally something I would recommend. Replies is the usual problem. Unless you have someone operating as a gate keeper for all inbound email then you could find that confidential information is sent to everyone.

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