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Help in recovering a mailbox folder from an BE12.5 controlled Exchange 2003 backup

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  • Help in recovering a mailbox folder from an BE12.5 controlled Exchange 2003 backup

    I am looking for guidance on how to restore a specific folder in a users mailbox? Having never had to restore any exchange objects, I am very much new to what needs to be done.

    Currently we are running BackupExec 12.5 with the data being saved to a Disk Device called a Quantum ix3500 vs our old Tape device.

    We have a granular restore license on BE12.5 which allows me to see the specific folder in the users mailbox that I am trying to recover.

    To date, I have:

    1.Set up a Recovery Storage Group on my Exchange Server EXCH01 and added the Information Store database that contains the users database to the RSG.

    2. I have been reading both the BE12.5 documentation and Microsoft KB articles pertaining to restoring to a RSG. Intellectually I understand what needs to be done, but implementing it seems to be something completely different. Seems that BE12.5 understands how to restore to an RSG in Exchange2007 but in 2003 things seem murky at best and the Microsoft documentation seems to only consider if you used a Microsoft tool to backup your Exchange Data. What this means, is that I am at a loss on how to interpret how these two systems (BE12.5 and my Exchange Server) interact with each other.

    2a. I want to believe that if I do a restore from BE12.5, it is going to know to write to the RSG. Although I am leary of this as I have not seen any documentation that says conclusively that if I have an RSG, BE12.5 will recognize that and restore the db files to the directory that the RSG point to.

    3. I cannot under any circumstances take offline my production Information Stores since this is our only Exchange Server. I have no failover or “clustered server”.

    4. I need to learn how this works and I need to either set up an environment that I can keep in place or have a method to follow that that will be available for use anytime I need it in the future, ie: well documented method.

    If anyone can be of any assistance in the area of Exchange mailbox folder Restores/Recovery please respond to this post


    Ron Merrifield

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    Re: Help in recovering a mailbox folder from an BE12.5 controlled Exchange 2003 backu

    If you're using GRT with BE 12.5 and you have good GRT based backups of the information store, then you don't need to use RSG. You can restore the folders\items directly to the users mailbox without taking anything offline. I would suggest you read the BE Admin Guide pertaining to restoring Exchange. I do this all the time with BE 12.5 and always restore directly to the users mailbox without any problems.