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    am trying to install an smtp connector so all the outbound emails goes thru there, but for some certain reason we cant use our ISP so we want to do a 3rd party is it possible to use hotmail? by creating a hotmail account?? or will it get blocked? any suggestions will be greatly appreciated

    also if they can use a 3rd party outbound smtp but it uses a diffrent port other then 25 i can change that in SMTP virtual server but what if it requires ssl??? how do i configure that option??
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    Re: SMTP connector

    honestly - the only reason i can think of for you not being able to use your isp's mail server, is because you may be running a business on a home-user account ?

    Seriously, I'd like to know the reason. My recommendation would be to find a hosting provider that will allow you to use their mail server, but may require authentication. You should be able to set the smtp connector to use auth..i have to check though
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      Re: SMTP connector

      they have an email with their ISP and i was thinking of configuring it for the smtp connector, but yes its a home account on a bussiness so i dont want them to get blocked its comcast


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        Re: SMTP connector

        You can't relay email through Hotmail.
        If you don't want to relay email through your ISP then you will have to purchase a mailhop service from someone. There are lots of choices on the market.

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