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  • Display name all caps?

    I've been playing around with our Exchange server - I have 1 user who is receiving email from a second domain name so I've added a recipient policy for him and set up a second user account so he can see both mailboxes, and send/receive from either of them.

    Given that the second user acount had to be named different, I set up one of his accounts to use the simple display name. In my testing phase, I did all of the above for myself (created a second user account, with email from the second domain, used simple display name, etc). In order to get the simple display name to work I followed

    My problem is that now all emails from everyone on the first domain to anyone outside of our network now show up with the display name as first initial followed by last name, in all caps. What did I do wrong, or how do I change it back to show FirstName LastName?? I still need Simple Display Name to work for any account that I type something in.

    For the record, we are using Exchange 2k3 on a Windows 2k3 standard server

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    Re: Display name all caps?

    You did nothing wrong enabling the use of simple display names, the only thing you should be aware off is, that this is a general setting for the server not only the user, so you have to accept the side effects for your other users.

    See the following link for further information: