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Change Default gateway in Exchange 2003

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  • Change Default gateway in Exchange 2003


    We have an exchange 2003. We just got a new internet connection in the network.

    The existing internet connection was connected through a router with ip : This connection has a static public IP address. MX record are pointing to it. This is the default gate for every users (about 150) and servers at the moment.

    The new internet connection is connected by another router with ip : and has a dynamic public IP.

    I want to give the new connection to all the users and the old connection just for exchange only.

    My plan is to use the old router (with IP : on the new connection and use the new router (with IP: on the old connection.

    With this changes, I do not have to change IP setting for all my 150 users but just change the default gateway on my exchange 2003. For the new default gateway ( on exchange, it has the same old static public ip and I do not need to change MX record.

    My question is, am i just simply open tcpip properties on exchange and change the default gateway address ? or, should i stop the exchange services first before doing that ? or is there any appropriate steps ?

    Please advise!

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    Re: Change Default gateway in Exchange 2003

    You can just change the default gateway in Network Properties. Exchange doesn't care.

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