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Help needed recovering emails

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  • Help needed recovering emails

    Hello all,

    This is my first post, so I'll give a brief intro. I'm currently working as a Junior Sys-Admin in a 2k3 / Exchange 2k3 environment. The Network Admin is a consultant who has not been great at answering my emails as of late and this is somewhat of a time-sensitive issue.

    We had a user start 2 weeks ago. We gave him a roaming profile because we knew he would have to change computers (which happened this week). For whatever reason, the server did not synchronize his settings.

    He beat me into work this week and tried to set up his email. He chose to upgrade from Outlook Express on his new computer and would not let me add the exchange server whilst outlook was open. Outlook was closed, his account was added through Control Panel > Mail. It retrieved his email from the server, but he noticed that it was not synchronizing after this.

    I logged onto the computer as administrator, deleted his user profile from Documents & Settings (not the best move in hind sight) and re-created his profile in outlook. Everything has synchronized EXCEPT what was in his Inbox (His calendar, sent items, deleted items, and even folders WITHIN inbox all work fine - but nothing in the main inbox folder).

    Luckily he didn't have many emails in there, but there were a few we need to recover. We DO have backups, but I was really hoping to not have to resort to them.

    Here is relevant information.

    - Deleted item retention is set to 7 days for our server
    - I tried to do the "Recover deleted items" from the users web outlook - no items were even shown as being deleted.
    - I tried to use a deleted items recovery utility on the users computer to see if I had deleted important files. I was unable to find his user folder, or a .pst

    Any advice on how to rectify this situation would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Help needed recovering emails

    Is this the case on any computer he's logs on to? His roaming profile will not synchronize properly?


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      Re: Help needed recovering emails

      In this case, it only didn't synchronize the one time.

      It has since synchronized, but the emails are not contained within the profile folder we have for him.


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        Re: Help needed recovering emails

        If he is using outlook express before, he should have the email there as outlook express store email in user profile.

        50/50 chance :
        The first 50% : If you have not deleted his profile from "document and setting", the email should still be in outlook express. However, you deleted it and the email in this profile should be gone as well.
        The second 50% : Try to go to the other system that he login and used before, open the outlook express and see if it's there.

        Good Luck


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          Re: Help needed recovering emails

          Some Suggestions:

          1. Try via OWA...
          2. Find the PST or OST from another computer he's logged on to.
          3. Recover his mail box from a backup.
          4. Use a Data Recovery Software and run it on the C: Partition of the computer.