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A few Exchange Q's - SMTP Relay and Smarthost

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  • A few Exchange Q's - SMTP Relay and Smarthost

    Hi all,

    I am an undergraduate and to help me with our course we have been given evaluation copies of Server 2003 and Exchange 2003. I have set it up, fully updated and service packs and have configured Outlook with a user which connected.

    However, before I open up to the world to test sending and receiving, I want to check a few things.

    1) I have heard of open-relays and such as I don't want the server to be used as an Open Relay for spam, obviously - is Exchange automatically setup to block without Windows authentication? I.e only a user with a logon and mailbox on that server can use it to send mail? If not and I need to close/secure it, how do I do this?

    2) As I am running this from home, I will need to use my ISP's SMTP Server as a Smarthost (my ISP is Virginmedia, ex-NTLWorld so I'll be using - how do I configure this? I can not find any guides online (maybe I am looking for something different than what I am searching for, I dont know.)

    Any help would be appreciated



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    Re: A few Exchange Q's - SMTP Relay and Smarthost

    First lesson students should always be taught is the wonders of because the first hit for "Exchange 2003 Open Relay" is from our fearless leader.

    This link will help you with the smart host part.
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      Re: A few Exchange Q's - SMTP Relay and Smarthost

      Thanks for the reply cruachan

      I did look at that link, but what threw me was the following:

      You must understand what will happen if you choose to clear the "Anonymous access" check box in the Authentication window of the SMTP Virtual Server. Although this will indeed successfully stop your server from being a relay, on the other hand it will cause your server to stop receiving incoming mail from the Internet.
      So this action would stop my Server from being a spammers heaven, but would stop me from receiving any email at all from the outside world. Catch 22 or have I missed something?

      To further my confusion, on the Authentication section of the Access Tab for my Default SMTP Virtual Server, all 3 authentication methods are checked

      I found this page which seems to show how the use a SmartHost but configuring it through the Default Virtual SMTP Server which I am going to try:


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        Re: A few Exchange Q's - SMTP Relay and Smarthost

        Well it seems I can send now, but not receive

        I followed the relay page of Dan's, and OR tests come back saying I am not an OR which is always good!

        However, I now cannot receive mail. I ran tests on DNS Toolbox:

        A: <IP Address> (TTL: 5407)

        MX: (0) (TTL: 5407)

        v=spf1 ip4:<IP Address> ~all (TTL: 5407)


        Serial 1228493285
        Refresh 14400
        Retry 7200
        Expire 950400
        Minimum 7200
        TTL 5407

        Authority Records
        Additional Records

        A Address TTL 84570 84570 5370

        I set the MX about an hour ago using Zoneedit, they say it is usually no longer than a few minutes to propagate.

        EDIT: I have just tried to Telnet into the server on 25 using both the LAN and my WAN IP - could not connect on either this related to the Open Relay configuration (reference to the quote from Dan's page in my first post)
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