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Outlook rpc over http DNS question

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  • Outlook rpc over http DNS question

    I have run over this in my mind a few times and it seems right but just wanted another few brains to firm it up:

    our mail is handled by a gateway smtp server which then passes it to exchange 2003. We have an mx record for the smtp to the gateway.

    we also have an outside address ported directly to the exchange server which has an A record and an MX record. This is used by Outlook rpc over http on mobile laptops and Blacberry's to contact the exchange server via https.

    the exchange MX record was setup for older palm phones and does not seem to be necessary now since mail always comes into the gateway box via it's own MX record.

    we want to remove the exchange MX record and let Outlook on the laptops and the Blackberry's contact the exchange box via the A record (which I believe it is doing anyway). Does anyone see any problem with this. IE: is an MX record needed to do Outlook rpc over http or for Blackberry's??


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    Re: Outlook rpc over http DNS question

    An MX is not needed. An MX tells other mail servers where to send email for your domain but is not used for any client connectivity.


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      Re: Outlook rpc over http DNS question

      As Joe said, the MX records are not needed as they are only for SMTP traffic inbound. RPC over HTTPS and Activesync etc connect to the Outlook Web Access URL which will be a Host (A) record.
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