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OWA keeps dropping out

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  • OWA keeps dropping out


    I have set up OWA on our only exchange 2003 server. Works great but its quite temperamental. It drops out and does not come back online unless i restart the server. when it drops out it does not work with both local servername/exchange and external mail.domain/exchange.

    there is hardly anything worth mentioning in the event logs.

    any thoughts?

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    Re: OWA keeps dropping out

    If it is just OWA that stops functioning and not all of Exchange, it's probably an IIS issue. Have you tried restarting just IIS or taken a look through those logs?


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      Re: OWA keeps dropping out

      probably is.. when i resart it IIS it works but drops out after a few days. i have recreated all the folders in IIS.

      The log path points to the file "\exyymmddhh.log" which does not seem to be in the folder.


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        Re: OWA keeps dropping out

        IIS is usually rock solid, so something isn't quite right.
        I would suggest that you start by running the Exchange best practises tool against the server and ensure that it doesn't flag anything.

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          Re: OWA keeps dropping out

          thats a handy tool.

          came up with 2 critical errors relating to memory that could cause instability and a bunch of warnings..

          will try it out and let you know how i go..

          cheers for the heads up


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            Re: OWA keeps dropping out

            i actioned the critical errors which required a few NIC driver updates and it seems to hold up now..

            thanks simon..