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Move Exchange 2003 FE to new hardware

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  • Move Exchange 2003 FE to new hardware

    Wanted to get some advise on the correct way to remove / move a FE server also running as a CA. The FE will ultimately reside on a new server. First thoughts was to uninstall exchange, and remove CA on the current FE. Build new server and install exchange as a FE and install CA. Will uninstalling exchange on the FE also remove it from AD or are there additional steps? Also, will removing the CA effect AD at all or is it just used for the FE SSL? Is this the correct way to go about this project?

    Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

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    Re: Move Exchange 2003 FE to new hardware

    Can't answer about Windows CA as I never use it for Exchange based products - I always use a commercial SSL certificate.

    However with regards to the Exchange part, removing Exchange using add/remove programs removes the server correctly from AD. Nothing else required. You might have to restart some services on the backend servers to get the server to be removed correctly, but technically even that shouldn't be required.

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