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Exmerge works on some accounts but not others?

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  • Exmerge works on some accounts but not others?

    Hi all

    I have a client who has kept all the ex-employee's AD accounts and mailboxes (albeit disabled and hidden from any Exchange Lists).

    Time has come to permentantly remove them from the system, but they wanted to have a copy of the old mail in PST format just in case.

    I have been trying to use ExMerge to export them to PST's and here is what I did, and what exactly is happening:

    1. Created a user called PST, member of only Domain Users.
    2. Within ESM Server Properties I have given that user full control, inc Receive/Send As (no deny perms)
    3. On a workstation I gave that user local admin rights and installed IIS, Server 2003 Admin Pack, and Exchange Management Tools
    4. Ran ExMerge from that local Workstation

    All old users are in a seperate OU, and ExMerge fails with the permissions error. Out of curiousity I tried a few current users and it works flawlessly. All mailboxes are in one Information Store on one server.

    I tried moving an old user to the a current OU, re-enabled the account, etc - basically reinstated the account, still no go.

    Where should I look next? I am confident the permissions are correct, especially as it works on any current user. I cant quite gather what it is about the old users that is tripping this up - all that is done when a user leaves is the account disabled, moved to an "old users" OU and hidden from any Exchange Address lists.

    I have checked User properties on each user and the permissions have correctly inherited down. Each time I made a change I waited 15 mins+ and/or restarted the IIS admin service on the Exchange server.

    Any clues??

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    Re: Exmerge works on some accounts but not others?

    The accounts have to be enabled to run exmerge on them.
    Furthermore, it can take a little while before Exchange recognises that the account is indeed enabled. Until that point it will continue to give you access denied.

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      Re: Exmerge works on some accounts but not others?

      I'll try again later today, with one test account that has been enabled since last night!


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        Re: Exmerge works on some accounts but not others?

        Works like a charm