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Unable to send mail from my exchang server 1 other ex server

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  • Unable to send mail from my exchang server 1 other ex server

    My Exchange Server is 2003. It works fine sending mail to all domains except for 1 specific exchange server, (ServerB). When I try to Telnet to ServerB from XP over the net it does not respond, "connection to host lost"
    My exchange queue for the domain says "connection was dropped by the remote host". If I telnet to ServerB from W2k it connects but returns 220********
    If I telnet to ServerB from ServerB, no nat firewall, Cisco PIX) it responds properly: esmtp mail service....ready.

    I can receive mail from ServerB no problem.
    ServerB does not have any send/recieve issues from other servers.

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    I had a similar problem with our Exchange set up here....

    I found the following for my error...our error was number 6...the cisco firewall which all of our sites are connected through with VPN had to have switched. But the others might help too


    There are several causes for this error. The following is a list of the most

    1. Symantec/Norton Corporate 9 Internet Email Auto Protect is running on any of the
    Exchange Servers in that are involved. This is a feature of Norton 9 that scans
    Internet Email. From Symantec document 2004052415562048, this feature should never
    be run on any SMTP based Email servers, as it will cause mail flow problems. To
    resolve this have the customer remove this feature from Norton using document
    2004062410173948 from Symantec's Web site.

    2. STNEF is a new feature of Exchange 2003. Unfortunately this feature is not
    compatible with all email systems, and can cause mail flow to backup on the
    Exchange 2003 server. In many cases it will report “Semaphore timeout period has
    expired" as the cause for the retry in these cases. To resolve this behavior,
    enable the registry key listed in article 254089.

    3. Symantec Mail Security Heuristics Scanning. Symantec Mail Security (I think 4.5)
    has a heuristics scan that will alter the messages causing the terminating period
    to appear on the same line as the end of the message text. This will prevent the
    message from terminating. Disabling this scanning will allow mail to flow

    4. A corrupt Metabase can cause this behavior. If this is the case follow the steps
    listed in article 304166 to replace the Metabase.

    5. Remote server does not respond with any SMTP banner. This error can appear if we
    connect to a remote SMTP server and it never returns a banner. Telneting to the
    remote server will show if this is the case.

    6. On some Cisco Firewalls In the firewall feature set, the statement IP INSPECT
    NAME (site) SMTP is incompatible with ESMTP. Disabling this feature should resolve
    the issue

    There may be many other causes for this error. If you experience any please email
    me with the details and I will update this article to include the cause and resolution