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Exchange 2003 running on additional DC

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  • Exchange 2003 running on additional DC

    In my network, there 2 Domain Controllers. In one of them I have all the FSMO roles and the other running Exchange 2003. Recently I am facing some problems in replication between the 2 DCs. AD is corrupted in the DC that is running Exchange. I tried to demote it, but was not successful. So I had to perform force demotion. After that I did metadata cleanup in the other DC. Later I promoted the previous server again as DC. After the promotion, the server is taking hours to come up and the exchange services are not running too.
    How can I work around this issue? Will Domain Prep / Forest Prep will fix the problem or do i have reinstall Exchange with disaster recovery switch?
    What will happen to all the configuration for Exchange? Like IMF , RBL filters, Policies, OWA, RPC over HTTP & SSL Certificate??

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    Re: Exchange 2003 running on additional DC

    Changing the role of the server with Exchange installed is not supported. That means running dcpromo either to make the machine a domain controller or not.

    Primary reason for a server taking so long to boot up is that the DNS is not configured correctly.
    If the machine was a domain controller then that would break Exchange. You would need to repair the Exchange and IIS installation.

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      Re: Exchange 2003 running on additional DC

      Thanks a lot Mr. Simon.

      You were right. There was problem with DNS too. The was loading from ForesTDNSZone instead of DomainDNSZone. I fixed it by ADSIedit.

      From the 2nd DC I have completely removed DNS before demoting it. After the demotion I did a metadata cleanup in 1st DC. Later I started 2nd DC in safe mode and disabled all the Exchange services and then started it normally. It didnt take too long to start up this time. After the it started I changed the services to automatic but didnt start them. Then I renamed the "Exchserv" folder of exchane installation to "xchsrv_bak". Then I reinstalled exchange using the disaster recovey switch and updated to SP2 using the same switch. After that I opied the EDB and STM files from the Exchsrv_bak folder to new Exchsrv frolder in the MDBDATA. The is not mounted till now. In System Manager, I stopped SMTP and checked the box "This Database can be restored" in the properties box of the Mailbox Stores. After that I tried mounting it and everything was fine. Apart from this you can restore from a backup too if the copying of EDB and STM files dont work.

      If anyone needs more detailed inofrmation including the links to all the above procedures and detailed events logged in the same situation, please let me. know. Sorry, I am in hurry now. I have to rush for a seminar now. Take care bye!