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Windows Exchange Server 2003 (Stores will not Mount)

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  • Windows Exchange Server 2003 (Stores will not Mount)

    Our server stores will not mount on our Exchange 2003 server. We are getting the following errors:

    1. Event viewer: Event No 9518 an 9519 ESE errors 454
    2. When I try to mount the stores: ID no. c1041737 The name of one of
    the database files in this store is invalid.
    3. OS is Windows 2003 Sp2
    4. Exchange Server 2003 Sp2 standard
    5. No backups, but I will find way to have one for next time.
    6. No email and Down for about a 4 days
    7. I do have ssl but i can take of that.

    SolutionIf possible)

    1. I rebuilt a new server windows os 2003 sp2 (I have join it to the domain
    just yet)
    2. The current server is Exhcange 2003 standard. (But we have had DB issues.
    We are over the required 18GB datasize limit) I update the registry as a
    a workaround.)
    3. I have windows exchange enterprise now

    Can I

    1. Join the new Server inot the existing domain with other still in (so that we 2. can backup calendars and old mailboxes)?
    3. Install enterprise 2003 sp2?
    4. Will the AD route the email to the new server?

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    Re: Windows Exchange Server 2003 (Stores will not Mount)

    You can up the limit of Exchange Std edition to 75GB. There is no need to purchase another license unless your expecting your database to be 100GB or you need the enterprise features of Enterprise such as clustering or multiple storage groups mailbox stores etc. Can you confirm that you can mount the database or cannot mount the database.

    To answer your 3 last questions:

    Install additional Exchange migrate mailbox's replicate public folders and system folders. If the idea is to decommision the other server then you will need to modify the recipient update policy accordingly along with your firewall rules to point to the new server.