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other domain controllers dont have exchange tabs

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  • other domain controllers dont have exchange tabs

    Hello i have a 2 pronged problem , but i beleave thay are related very closely. i have 3 Win2003 servers, the first , witch was the first one is the boss but other than AD stuff all it does is fileserver everyone my doc folders on a raid5 , any way to the point after i set up the 2nd and 3rd server and added them to the domain and made them secondy domain conntrolers i installed exchange 2003 on one and Live communcations 2005 server on the other the problem is you can add a user to any DC and it will be propagated to the others but the exchange tabs are only on the exchange server and the live comm tabs are only on that server in users-and-computers
    witch really sucks for me because every time i add a user i have to go to all 3 server first to make my doc folder the mail and messenger

    i have been searching but have had no luck other than that damn experts exchange had a direct hit but i think that thing fakes results for $$$
    thamk you for any help you can provide

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    ok after look all over i saw some stuff that made me think i just needed to load some stuff on the DC on the exchange CD in this folder x:\ADC\I386 there is a setup that adds the active director connector for exchange i bet thats what i have to do for live communcation server to