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Server Side Email Rules

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  • Server Side Email Rules

    Happy Friday Everyone!

    I had a request to have alll outgoing email from one user to be automatically CC'd to a manager's email. I was wondering if there is a server side role that will allow me to do this so that emails sent on OWA will be CC'd as well.

    Edit: Forgot to mention this is a SBS 2003 box.

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    Re: Server Side Email Rules

    Exchange 2003 cannot do this natively. Journaling is an option but that would mean all email sent and recieved from your server.


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      Re: Server Side Email Rules

      You could just set the manager up with permission to the user's mailbox. You need to do two things to accomplish this.

      1. In ADUC, open the user object for the user you want the manager to have access to.
      • Go to the Exchange Advanced tab
      • Click the Mailbox Rights button
      • In the Permissions for Users window, click Add and add the manager (or create a group if multiple managers need to see the user's mailbox)
      • Provide whatever permissions you want to allow the manager on the user's mailbox (at least read permission).

      2. In the Manager's Outlook, go to Tools, Account Settings.
      • Highlight the Exchange email account and click the Change button
      • In the Change Email Account window, click More Settings
      • In the More Settings window, click the Advanced tab
      • In the Mailboxes section click Add then enter the user name of the user you need the manager to see.
      • OK out of the open windows, click Next -> Finish and restart Outlook

      The manager should now have access to the user's mailbox including all folders the user has.


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        Re: Server Side Email Rules

        This would have to be done from the email client application (Outlook). You can setup a rule to do this.

        Go to Tools > Rules and Alerts>New Rule>Check Messages After Sending>Through the Specified Account> Cc the Message to people in the distribution list>Skip the next step...done!

        I'm typing it as I'm doing it.


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          Re: Server Side Email Rules

          I think the best way would be to give the manager the ability to see the sent items of the sender as per StrixLa's suggestion - otherwise the sender could mess with his own rule, and bypass things. I am presuming the manager wishes to see the sender's outgoing email for "regulatory purposes" so giving the sender the opportunity to turn the rule off, send a defamatory email and then turn the rule back on would permit a security loophole. That aside, Shades does indeed have the perfect reply to the question as it was posed.
          Best wishes,
          MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008