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Exchange 2003 sending out spam

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  • Exchange 2003 sending out spam

    I am having an issue on this box with it sending out spam. It seems to be sending out spam to and websites.

    I checked and open relay is closed. I'm not sure what else to check. I've tried multiple different things and nothing.

    At first i thought it was a NDR attack, as there are some messages that are being sent as [email protected]

    however other messages show weird characters as the subjects.

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Exchange 2003 sending out spam

    First thing first! Check antivirus on the client workstations and servers and make sure none of them are infected.
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      Re: Exchange 2003 sending out spam

      Also make sure port 25 is unaccessible from all PCs except for the mail server.
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        Re: Exchange 2003 sending out spam

        Use all possible Filtering (Recipiant, Sender, IMF) in Exchange System Manager under Message Delivery.
        Remember to enable them in your SMTP virtual server as well and then restart the SMTP service.


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          Re: Exchange 2003 sending out spam

          If you see the messages in your queues, then I suggest that you go through my spam cleanup article.

          That will help you identify how it is being done.

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