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  • E-Mail Archiving

    I've been tasked to look at how we're archiving our e-mails and was wondering how other people / companies were doing it in the real world.

    So far we've looked at everything from printing the e-mail out and storing the hardcopy through PST files all the way to Symantec Enterprise Vault and the Google offering. All have their pro's and con's of course.

    Unfortunately like some projects this has no clearly defined objectives as of yet other than to present options on sliding scale. So if you've got any ideas or comments, please through them on out!
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    Re: E-Mail Archiving

    I do regualr backups of the database (First Storage Group) using NTBACKUP and only Archive in a PST format using Exmerge, once a month and when someone leaves the company (before deleting their account in AD).
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      Re: E-Mail Archiving

      If you are archiving for compliance reasons then you need to have a copy of the messages the users cannot remove.

      I have a number of clients using GFI Mail Archiver and journaling. The archive was pre-populated by PST files (an export of the email from the mailboxes) and then uses journaling to keep a copy of the messages. Works very well.

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        Re: E-Mail Archiving

        We are using Symantec's Enterprise Vault and have been very happy with it. The cost/seat is reasonable and the functionality is excellent. One of our main criteria was that it needed to be as transparent to the end user as possible. They double click on a message and it retrieves it. The other critical setting we have is that they actually can't delete anything that has been archived. They can remove the stub from their mailbox but not the message from the archive server. We looked at a half dozen different archive packages and felt EV gave us the most for the money.


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          Re: E-Mail Archiving

          EV is very much the Rolls Royce of archiving systems IMO. It's very fully featured, and extremely transparent to the users, integrates well with Outlook, OWA and Outlook Anywhere and is also available offline. It's expensive though, complex to setup and maintain and requires a good bit of extra kit. Definitely an Enterprise class option IMO.

          Version 8 SP2 is the latest version and it's finally getting stable again. EV8 and SP1 were the buggiest releases of EV that I've ever seen, and their support suffered badly because of it.

          GFI Mail Archiver is a pretty good and much lower cost alternative, although I've found it doesn't really reduce storage much, basically it just seems to drop everything in a SQL database.
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