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  • Open other user mailbox

    To solve another problem with active directory (windows 2003 std) I deleted my user and then recreated it
    But now I can't open other mailbox user even if I've Exchange Full Administrator Role (Exchange Delegation Wizard) and my user is a member of Domain Admins.
    Everything seems correct, but I can't open mailbox of other user

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    Re: Open other user mailbox

    The behaviour you are seeing is correct.
    By default Domain Admins are blocked from opening the mailbox of any other user. Exchange Full Administrator allows you to admin the server and the mailboxes, but not to open the mailboxes.

    Personally I feel that a server admin does not need to have full access to all mailboxes. It is not a permissions I have ever asked for or sought. I do not want to be blamed for anything being removed from the mailbox. If I need to access a mailbox of another user then I grant the permission on the fly, with their authority.

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      Re: Open other user mailbox

      By default Mailbox stores have Deny set for Send As/Receive As on the permissions for Domain Admins, Exch Admins and so on. You need to turn off inherited rights for the stores, copy existing rights and un-tick the deny rights to gain access to other user's mailboxes.


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        Re: Open other user mailbox

        Correct, but I don't want Receive or Send As, but just open the mailbox.
        The permission on my user are correct, but anyway I'm not able to open any other user mailbox


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          Re: Open other user mailbox

          In AD Users and Computers, select the user you want to access the mailbox for and go to their properties.

          > Exchange Advance Tab>Mailbox Rights>Add yourself with "Full Mailbox Access" rights.

          Open Outlook and add the user's mailbox to your account. Remember this is illegal with out the person's concent.


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            Re: Open other user mailbox

            Great!!! Now it works