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Exchange 2003: Unstable Authentication settings

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  • Exchange 2003: Unstable Authentication settings

    I have a problem with my company's brand new Exchange 2003 server. It's Enterprise edition, running on WIndows 2003 Standard Server, with Symantec Anti-Virus for Exchange (latest, 2003-compatible version.)

    For some reason, the Anonymous Access-setting is really unstable. It's the one you find in Exchange 2003 System Manager -> Domainname -> Servers -> <Your server> -> Protocols -> SMTP -> Rightclick Default SMTP VIrtual Server -> Properties -> Access -> Authentication.

    Twice during the last days, it has been enabled, but not functioning. It's like it's disabled, but shows up as enabled. The solution to make it work is to stop the virtual SMTP server, disable it, start, stop, enable and start again. It took me a few hours to figure that one out, because everything LOOKS right.

    I don't know what causes this, and I need to find out. I don't get any notice when it happens, and unless my co-workers tells me, I don't notice that all our incoming mail is lost. WHich is what happens. People on the outside gets a NDR, and I don't get any warnings. So I need to fix the problem. Unfortunately, I can't find any clues to this on Microsoft's web, so I'm trying my luck here. Any hints or suggestions are welcome. What causes it, and how should I fix it permanently?

    Grateful for any input!