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  • messenger not working

    Hi ,

    I have newly setup the exchange 2000 for my organization , and configuring the instant messenging as per the article

    but while i am trying to connect i am getting error , sing in to microsoft instant messenging failed because service is temporarily unavailable, please try again later.

    I am trying to sign in with full mail id ( FQDN) as well as mail id ,e.g [email protected]

    getting same where do i need to check ...there is no event viewer id even ...

    my IIS service is also not working fine ...if suppose i am opening ( ) i am getting error

    400 Bad Request - The data is invalid. (13)
    Internet Security and Acceleration Server

    so what i need to change in my ISA server side....

    please help ...

    please help

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    Re: messenger not working

    Hi ,

    I have check my IIS Service ...if i am trying to start the default web site service gives me a port already in use ..i have check the netstat even but i am not able to found any process locked that port...

    how can i check that any hidden process used it ...

    please help ...


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      Re: messenger not working

      Hi ,

      I stop my web proxy service in isa and then i am able to sign in messenger but now if someone is sign in in messenger i am not getting pop up that abc has just sign in and its not updating in the messenger if x uis sign up earlier then y ...then x can send a message to y but y can not send the messege ....

      so what can be the issue ...please help ....


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        Re: messenger not working

        ok - an error 400 usually means that you're trying to connect to a site with mismatched hostheader, ip, or other details.. so it's an IIS config error.

        exactly how it ties in to messenger, i'm not sure sorry.

        as an example, my IIS srever has two web site instances, using the same iup ( and same port (80)
        so i have a hostheader on one called and a hostheader on the other called
        if i try to browse to I'll get an error 400.
        if i try to browse to http://iisserver/ i'll get an error 400.

        soI have to browse to
        (for instance)
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