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  • public folder reply to issue

    I have created public folders for general email accounts like [email protected] I used to have [email protected] going directly to a user. Now I’ve moved it to a public folder. I do not have a “support” user item. The folder is receiving emails nicely and I have permissions set so only appropriate users can do what they need to do. I would like to have them be able to use the [email protected] email address in the From field so customers can easily reply to the public folder instead of the user. I have added the folder so it shows in the GAL but when I reply and use the public folder as the From field I get an error message that You do not have permission to send to this recipient ~ MSEchangeIS:/DC=lan/DC=mydomain:server

    I get the same error if I send internally as well.

    I’m using SBS 2003 SP2 with Exchange 2003 SP2

    Everything I’ve found to correct this issue has to do with users. Can I have a public folder with an email address not associated with a user and use that public folder for the reply to?

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    Re: public folder reply to issue

    I have now switched to a shared mailbox to resolve most of my issues. I have one last issue to deal with, sent items. I found an add-in at that will put the items sent from the shared mailbox in its sent items not the individual user's sent items.

    Has anyone successfully used this add-in?