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Echange server 2003- unable relay to...

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  • Echange server 2003- unable relay to...

    Please help me solve this Problem
    - I have a windows server 2003 (Standard Edition) run as DC
    - I Install Exchange 2003 Standard Edition on it
    - DNS Config OK (MX record OK)
    - Telnet via Port 110 & 25 OK
    - Send E-mail to some Domain OK
    - But when i Send to some others domain it not send & Alert that (5.0.7,.. Erorr) Unable to relay to,....
    - I config Smtp Relay restriction (A) (Only the list below) & the list is Empty.

    - I can't understand what happen, so Please help.

    Thanhks alot.
    Viet Pham From Hanoi Viet Nam

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    Maybe your IP address is blocked

    It is possible that your IP address is being blocked by one organization or another that monitors for SPAM.

    A large number of IP addresses in your area of the world are bought in bulk by companies that resell some of the IP addresses to people who send SPAM. Even if your server does NOT send SPAM, you could have an IP address that is part of a large block of IP addresses that is blocked.

    If you are being blocked like this, there is no way you can get off the blocked list without getting a new clean IP address that is not part of a group of IP addresses being used by SPAM servers. The only thing that will stop ISP providers from selling service to SPAM operators is if they lose enough business from the good customers.

    A good place to look for more info is SPAMHAUS.ORG. You can enter your IP address at this site or others to see if you are being blocked.
    Rex Derby


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      Unable relay to some domain...

      Thanks Rex Derby alot for your help.
      I'll check it.

      VIET PHAM From Hanoi Vietnam