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Problem whit Default First Storage Group and Public Folder

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  • Problem whit Default First Storage Group and Public Folder

    Hi Everyone!

    I have one problem whit my Exchange 2003 Server , i need reset
    the default First Storage Group and the default MAPI Public
    Folder, because i cannot mount anymore.

    My users still working in a Second Storage Grup that i
    create, but cannot use MAPI public folders.

    I looking for a solution here and cannot find one article that helpme solve this.

    Is there any way to do this?

    I dont need nothing of that damage data bases, is for that to my
    needed to find some way to delete and recreate or regenerate
    the default public store and the default First Storage Group.

    To my users can move it again to the First Storage Group and
    start using again the default MAPI Public Store.

    Many many thanks.
    Is there a way to do this better than this?

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    You got MOUNT problems

    Hokey smokes George, you have problems like my recent ones.

    You can run the Microsoft eseutils to try to recover, repair, and defrag your public and private EDB database files. But first, make sure you have a copy of the ENTIRE folder elsewhere. Then READ THE INSTRUCTIONS from Microsoft before running them. Read all the instructions, because the order you run them in is important.

    Last thing is, if you've gone through all their instructions and the information store still does not want to mount, you can delete the log files and try again - you DO have a copy of them elsewhere, safe and sound.
    Rex Derby


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      Thanks for the reply Rexxx

      In fact, i try to do all the things that u comment in your reply, but the eseutil get me an error .

      So the only thing that can i do was the deletion of the e00 the exx and the checkpoint file , only then can mount all the databases whit no problems .

      Next to the deltion of the files, reset the SA service and the other needed services and thats it . and put a good working backup

      Many thanks for the reply.

      Hope that can help some bode else. :P
      Is there a way to do this better than this?