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Exchange 2003 installation problem

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  • Exchange 2003 installation problem

    We have a domain controller running Server 2003 Enterprise Edition. We added a new server running 2003 Std R2. We want to setup exchange on the R2 server, but forestprep and domainprep fail. Can I setup the new server as a domain controller and have it run independent of the other server but still allow my users to access via OWA, mobile phones, activesync, etc.?

    Any suggestions on this or an alternate strategy would be much appreciated!

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    Re: Exchange 2003 installation problem

    Which adprep and forestprep are failing? setup /forestprep from the Exchange CD or adprep /forestprep from the Windows CD? What error messages are you getting?

    You will need to put the Exchange CD into the DC and run the setup /forestprep and /adprep from there, assuming this DC is also the FSMO role holder for the forest. (Specifically the Schema master for running /forestprep and the PDC emulator for the domain for running /adprep) You do not need to update the AD schema to R2 unless you are planning to introduce R2 domain controllers. It may be worth running the schema updates now, but MS best practice is that Exchange is installed on a member server and not a DC.
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