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Moving Exchange2k3 Org to new Forrest

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  • Moving Exchange2k3 Org to new Forrest

    Win2k3 AD Domain-Exch2k3

    I have installed new and completely seperate Win2k3 AD Forest. I have built a new Exch2k3 server. I need to move all boxes and public folders to new server first before I migrate users and machines to new forrest.

    1. Is there a way to do a swing move of my users and public folders to new exchange box? I think the answer to this is no because of the fact you can't have both servers in the same Exchane Site when they are in seperate forest's. Can someone please confirm.

    2. I have successfully (testing) migragated users, machines, and mailboxes to the new forrest using the AD Migration Tool and the Exchange Migration Tool. I have serveral public folders to move over to the new server and need to know how I should go about this. Can I put up a connector between the two exchange servers and replicate them?

    Thanks for any and all help and/or advice.

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    Re: Moving Exchange2k3 Org to new Forrest

    It is not possible to move content natively between forests on Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2003. Therefore to move the content you will have to extract everything to PST files and then move the files across and import them again.
    There is no automated tool for public folders, so that means a manual extraction through Outlook.

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      Re: Moving Exchange2k3 Org to new Forrest

      Exactly you'll want to use ExMerge
      GoogleFu is strong with this one ^