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  • Data base defrag URGENT


    We had to do a repair on our private datbase, it is still running the deleting unicode fixup table - (80GB - so far been running for ten hours).

    Two questions- The database is on an attached network storage with a direct 1GB link to the exchange box, on the exchange box it is on the virtual drive S.

    When I click the S drive I see 4 folders in the format


    The folders all point to the same data, is this how it's suppose to be?

    When the Unicode finishes, do i really need to run the degfrag command or can I do this at a later date? Since I really need to get the exchange sever up ASAP.

    If i do is the /p command safe? Read that this is quicker.

    In the command eseutil.exe /d for the database path do I put "S\priv1.ebd" or "S\{storage00.0}\priv1.ebd.

    Thanks all for your help - In a rush and under pressure to the get the exchange box up -

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    Re: Data base defrag URGENT

    Anyone got any thoughts on this?


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      Re: Data base defrag URGENT

      You want an urgent response - call Microsoft. This is a forum where people give up their spare time. There is no guarantee at all of a response.

      As it is, I have no idea what you are seeing. The files do not look familiar. If it continues to cause problems then I suggest that you do indeed call Microsoft.

      Running a defrag will basically give you a fresh database. I work on the simple basis that a repaired database should be replaced as soon as possible. An offline defrag is one way of doing that, another way is to create another store if you are on Enterprise edition and move all the data to that store so that you can drop the original. Depends on whether you can afford the downtime of an offline defrag.

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