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Need some advices:configuring Exchange 2003 to work with external hosted company site

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  • Need some advices:configuring Exchange 2003 to work with external hosted company site


    I've looked in several forums and read some whitepapers but I haven't managed to solve a particular situation. I'm helping out a friend of mine with the following context:

    - SBS 2003 with Exchange installed and in which only some users have a corporate email ( domain mainsrv.local )
    - Corporate email and site are hosted externally on the ISP ( eg ), which provides POP3 and SMTP support ( both servers are ) with basic authentication for SMTP server.

    He intends to setup Exchange in order to:
    - If it is an internal email, the received email from other user inside the company should have only the username, eg JohnSmith
    - For those who have an external e-mail, they should be able to receive from the ISP (ie from [email protected] ) and to send, in this case transmitting the corporate email ( [email protected] ).

    I've tried to:
    - Define for those email that Exchange is not able to deliver in the default recipient policy
    - Create an extra SMTP connector for the site with a higher cost
    - And create a POP3 connector with the disadvantage of getting mail only in periods os 15 minutes ( I've tried to activate the undocumented flag ScheduleAccelerator but it doesn't seem to be working )

    I'm getting strange things:
    - If I send an internal email, the sender always gets, ie, I receive from the user John Smith I received from [email protected] instead of JohnSmith only
    - The emails to the web, once it goes from [email protected] (which doesn't exist), other times goes from [email protected]
    - People that receive the email in other companies see internal users followed by

    What am I doing wrong? What can I do to solve this?

    Thanks in advance.