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    Hi all I have 2 questions I hope I can get help with.

    1) I have a odd issue with exchange activesync, when you sync the contacts the dates are changed in the birthday and anniversary fields, they are rolled back 24 hours in most cases, I checked the profile and the dates show up fine. If i sync with the local copy it works fine.

    2) We also have a user who is having intermitant issues with Exchange
    Activesync, this issue happens with both a PDA and a smartphone. We
    have a Windows 2003 server, with exchange 2003 SP1 on it.

    The user can sync fine about 50% of the time, however the rest of the
    time he gets a 403 error, user name/password ect looks fine. I cant
    figure out why this only happens part of the time. to get it working again we either leave it for a period of time, or we disable Exchange active sync and reenable it and it works.

    Any Help very much appreciated.