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  • offline exchange server backup help

    i want to take offline backup of exchange server 2003 so for this how can i shutdown only my exchange server which is integrated in Active directory what precaution i take so exchange so when i restart exchange it starts normally without having any problem and i didn't face any problem in my active directory.

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    Re: offline exchange server backup help

    Exchange doesnt need to be taken "offline" to be backed up. Thats what VSS is for. BackupExec NTbackup or any Exchange aware backup software will do.


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      Re: offline exchange server backup help

      If you have taken it offline, you could copy the Exchange databases and log files to a backup location. As mentioned though, you don't need to do that to backup.


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        Re: offline exchange server backup help

        Why do you want to do an offline backup?
        As already pointed out, that isn't how you do a backup of Exchange. The database files will be out of date the second you restart Exchange. An offline backup also does not flush out the transaction logs correctly.

        The Exchange database is designed to run 24/7. There is no good time when you can take it offline for a backup.

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