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desktop mangement of exchange 2003

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  • desktop mangement of exchange 2003

    i have win xp sp3 and i have been managaing my server from my desktop for qutie some time. all of a sudden the desktop end stops working.. i make the changes at my end but they never replicare to the server. when i go to the server the server shows as if the changes were never made.

    The only thing i run is windows updates.

    can some one help me point to where my issue may be? it is a pain to have to have to go to the server when i have it at my desk

    thanks to all who reply

    ps exchange ENT sp2 win 2003 sp2

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    Re: desktop mangement of exchange 2003

    Presumably you've installed the Exchange Management console rather than using a third party offering?

    Check firewalls and event logs at both ends. Try rebooting both ends to see if that helps. Make sure the account you're running the management console as has the required permissions (assuming you're following Microsoft's guidelines and using runas to run admin tools while logged in as a standard user).
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      Re: desktop mangement of exchange 2003

      i am an exchange admin as well as a domain admin.... i have rebooted my pc 2 x today with no luck.. perhaps i will try the exchane server.

      we have no internal firewalls running just vlans and that was not an issue prior to recently.. yes i am using the ms exchange management tools.