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Another OWA issue...

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  • Another OWA issue...

    Here is my setup where I'm having the issue,
    T1 into cisco 1760 - 1760 into 2950 catylst switch - 2950 into multiple 3com hubs.
    Server1 - SBS 2003 w/Exchange 2003 PDC
    Server2 - W2k server BDC
    Server3 - SQL Server
    Server4 - Backup server
    Server5 - ISA 2004 Server
    Five more servers, but they are irrelevant.

    Port mapping from cisco 1760:
    Obviously we are natting private to public IPs through the cisco.

    Outlook web access used to work from the network side (http://server1/exchange) up until I screwed it up about a half hour ago trying to make it work from the internet, which it has never worked.
    I've read numerous articles on how to get OWA to work outside the network, (including on this forum) but I dont want to disable the website I'm running through the Server1 IIS. Right now it doest work at all, and instead of wasting my time and effort, any ideas or suggestions?
    The website works OK, http://server1, from the network and internet.
    However, does not. I'm getting a cant find server/ dns error. Remote Web workplace doest work either, same error.

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    SO server1 is an SBS with Exchange, and you want it to be accessible from the outside? You say port 80 is configure through the FW? Can you access the default website on that server from outside?

    Accessing the /exchange virtual directory is no different than accessing the default website, so I don't see where you're having issues with that.

    Could you please elaborate?

    Daniel Petri
    Microsoft Most Valuable Professional - Active Directory Directory Services


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      Yes, I can access the website from the internet through the firewall.
      The website works OK, http://server1, from the network and internet
      I dont see where I'm having the issue either.


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        When you "screwed it up" what were you trying to do? Goes to finding what you might have done.
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