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Network shares through Outlook on Exchange 2k3

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  • Network shares through Outlook on Exchange 2k3

    I realise that rpc over http was developed, in part, in response to the need to be able to tunnel into exchange without granting full network access that a VPN provided.

    My question: Is there any way I can map shared network resources on a seperate NAS server onto an Exchange public folder? Or more generaly, is there a way I can access share folders through outlook(rpc/https).

    I have read the follwing that say this is not supported:

    Is Outlook capable of accessing shared files that do not live inside an Exchange server database? This would get around the above issues.

    I understand that this is reinventing the wheel. I could just grant VPN access but I would like to see if this is even possible first. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Why not just serve the share through a new website on your front end exchange server locked down with NTFS permissions.

    Granted you won't be able to access them through outlook, but you would be able to with IE.

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      OK, so i'll take it that I cannot access non Exchange server database info through outlook? And if this is the case, how do I go about sharing files like word docs or pdfs? would they simply be attachments to mail sent to a shared public folder? Or can I set up some sort of virtual directory within a public folder that houses variable file types? Thanks for your help.


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        I suggest you look into adding a Share Point site to your organization, it will do exactly what you want, and will allow you to serve documents and other files via Outlook, Word, IE and other methods.

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