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New Exchange Install- Receiving Email

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  • New Exchange Install- Receiving Email

    We have installed a new Exchange 2003 server and have it running internally and with OWA. When we attempted to run the 'Internet' wizard to get the server to accept external email we received an error stating that the wizard could not complete because the server was already a bridgehead server. Probably because we set up OWA prior to running the wizard. To make a long story short- wew followed the MS manual installation to get the server on the Internet.

    Now when I try to send an email to an account on the server I get an error stating: 'Client does not have permission to submit mail to this server'.

    I have enabled & disabled Anon access on the SMTP virtual server but cannot get the server to accept email. From a telnet session I can set the 'mail from: parameter with the user name but when I try to set the rcpt to: I get 'unable to relay' error.

    I am sure this is a configuration error but nothing is very clear. A bit of help is needed!