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Mail takes very long time to deliver.

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  • Mail takes very long time to deliver.

    Hi Friends,

    I am using Exchange 2003 and we are doing push mail testing on it.

    problem i m facing is when i send a msg to external ID like from my local domain it takes long time (3 - 4 hours ) to deliver to gmail, some times it do not delivers.

    I have 2 Mbps link with static ip connected directly to test Exchange server.

    what problem it could be and what is the solution ?




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    Re: Mail takes very long time to deliver.

    You need to provide more detail than that if you want a resolution. How are you're emails being delivered? Via Smarthost or DNS? Do you have the correct records in public DNS (MX & PTR). Is there any mail scanning software between you're exchange and the internet. Is the Exchange server advertising on port 25 from the Internet etc etc. Help us and we can help you.


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      Re: Mail takes very long time to deliver.

      You need to look at the headers of the message that is received to see where the delay is occurring. It may not be occurring on your server, it could be out of your control. Without knowing where the delay is taking place, it is impossible to diagnose further.

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