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Exch 2003, Forwarding of mail to a SMTP account

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  • Exch 2003, Forwarding of mail to a SMTP account

    Ok what am I missing here.

    We just migrated from NT4 & 5.5 to 2003/2003 environment. Nothing fancy, simple setup of two servers one for RAS/DC tasks , the other DC/Exchange

    for the record all clients use MS office 2000 with latest service packs

    Now I've setup million and one forwarding rules in 5.5/outlook 2000... but now I can't setup a rule in outlook to forward to an external address (like [email protected])

    what's going on here? rule is setup correctly (i made a personal contact that it emails to), it's a server-side rule, it just never runs.

    I don't see anything sitting in the queues either so I'm a bit stumped.

    If I email that person directly it works fine

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    Side note:

    maybe this belongs in the outlook forum, but nothing has changed on the clients, only the servers have.

    Also, I would rather not setup a contact in AD and then from the exchange general tab forward to that contact, it causes the contact to be shown in all outlook clients with the persons home email address which is a big NO-NO , lol (unless there is a way I can hide that contact in AD to show from the global address book??)

    Basically I'd like to do it with a help of a simple outlook rule like I've always done it.

    thank you in advance for any help you can give me.