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    Does anyone have any tips for creating scripts to Exmerge all mailboxes from a W2K exchange server into individual PST files and subsequently hide the mailboxes from the GAL.

    Forgot this valuable bit of information: W2K server running Exchange 2000

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    Re: Exmerge Scripts

    I don't know about hiding mailboxes from the GAL in a script, but you can certainly script ExMerge. Google tells you how.
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      Re: Exmerge Scripts

      Many thanks for the info gforceindustries, pointed me in right direction for getting my mailboxes =ExMerged.

      For info:

      The following can be used to hide a mailbox and prevent it being used for send/receive.

      Obj-Class,Directory Name,Hide from AB,DXA-Task,Use IS Defaults,Admin Note
      Mailbox,<mailbox name>,1,1,0,<administrative note>
      <list of all maiboxes required>
      Mailbox,<mailbox name>,1,1,0,<administrative note>
      Save as a text file and import to exchange using Exchange Administrator, Tools, Directory Import