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RPC over http not working.

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  • RPC over http not working.

    I have installed Exchange server 2003 (SP-2) on Windows Server Ent 2003 with SP-2.

    Exchange is functioning fine. OWA is working fine with Microsoft CA services (Internally as well as Externally). RPC over HTTP is enabled, but for some reasons are not able to get my account authenticated while configuring remote Outlook clients 2003. Basic authentication has been enabled on RPC virtual Directory.

    Remote outlook clients are facing authentication problem while login into Outlook. Outlook is not accepting their user name and password. Outlook clients are configured with Basic authentication.

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    Re: RPC over http not working.

    Have a look at the link above. Further more get a commercial certificate for exchange. MS CA have some limitations as naturally the certifcates arent trusted by default on the local PC unless there installed. A trusted certificate will eliminate some of the more obvious problems with RPC oover HTTPs.


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      Re: RPC over http not working.

      Since its a Internal CA on exchange first install the root and intermediate cert on the workstation where RPC over Http is not working.
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        Re: RPC over http not working.

        Can you please provide me steps for installing root and intermediate certificate on clients ?..

        Is it be done by typing https://ipaddofCA\cerrtsrv on client computers and click on Download Certificate option.

        I think I have done all the required steps for installing Certificate on remote computers. When I open mmc and check Trusted Root CA and Internediate CA, it is displaying my remote mail server FQDN (as

        The problem I am facing is that client's outlook is not accepting their username and password...Is it related to CA problem ?
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