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Renaming an administrative group

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  • Renaming an administrative group

    I no longer have the default public folder tree and instead it has been moved into its own admin group called Public Folders. I'd like to rename that admin group to Public Folders Management.

    I see I can right click it and rename, but just wanted to make sure there wasn't something else that need to be done that I was missing.

    Thank you,

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    Re: Renaming an administrative group

    are you talking admin group or storage group?

    If your talking admin group, not the best idea to create extra un-needed AG's, you're just asking for problems down the road.
    If it's a storage group, name it what ever you like.


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      Re: Renaming an administrative group

      Right now I have under the Administrative Groups Folder, five Administrative Groups.

      Public Folders

      Under the Public Folders admin group there is a Folders>Public Folders (under that is a bunch of user created public folders)

      I really just want to change the name because it is a pain in the A, everytime you are trying to talk about the public folders and someone isn't sure where you are looking or what you are looking at. It will just be easier to say, I am in the admin group, Public Folders Management, instead of having another public folders (the two words together) location.

      Right now it is public folders(AG)>Folders>Public folders (public folder tree) and then the public folders themselves(user created public folders).

      Way too many references to the words public and folders together.

      This wasn't my design, but I am trying to make a few changes. (My next post will be about the default public folder tree itself..but one thing at a time)
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        Re: Renaming an administrative group

        unless you have administrative issues such as needing different permissions on each AG this is not the way to go.

        Make your life simple, not harder.


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          Re: Renaming an administrative group

          The way to go or not, I think the train has left the station... Is there is a way to get back to the default, I am open to it.

          For now though should I be able to just right click that AG and rename it?