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Sending mail via 2nd domain?

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  • Sending mail via 2nd domain?


    I would need to know if this is possible and how can I get this done.

    I added a second smtp to my default recipient policy now I can receive mail from my primary and secondary smtp address. But when I send mail I can only send it through my primary address. How can I send mail via the secondary smtp address.

    Thanks in advance

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    Depends on if you want ALL mail to come from the second domain or if you just want to send the occasional email from this 2nd domain.

    If you want to send all then set the 2nd Domain to be the primary SMTP address in your recipient policy.

    If you just want to send occasionally, then add the from field to your outlook message

    - Open new email,
    - Hit options then tick "From" field.

    In this field you can then type the email address your want to send from.

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      Screenshot of what Topper is referring...
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        where do I find the messaging option window?



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          Easiest way is here...
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            i did that but i get a returned message.

            You do not have permission to send to this recipient. For assistance, contact your system administrator.

            how do i give permission to send out via my second domain?


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              in the from field you have to type in an email address that belongs to the user you are trying to send from.

              That should be it.

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                yes i did. i typed in my second domain email address


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                  does the second email has to be in an AD Domain?


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                    Contacted Microsoft Support - They said:

                    Here is the reply I received back:
                    My understanding is that Exchange will always send with the primary SMTP address that is associated with the mailbox.One way to work around this may be to create an additional mailbox for the alternate domain then grant the send as permission.
                    How to grant "Send as" and "Send on behalf" permissions in Exchange


                    I looked around the newsgroups and found that other people were asking about this and according to the repsponses, it was not possible to do this natively in Exchange. Here is the response I kept finding:


                    You'll need third party stuff - ChooseFrom - and maybe
                    WhichAddress. Nothing native will do this - unless you want to set up
                    multiple mailboxes, assign permissions, etc....which is a pain.

                    If you are contacting Support, hopefully they have a work-around for this.

                    Hopfully 3party is not nessecary.......... anyone????


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                      Re: Sending mail via 2nd domain?

                      Just wanted to add my 2 cents. I have been playing with this for the last few hours. What turned out to work is this:

                      I setup a secondary recipient policy for the domain (domain B) I want to receive from, and filtered it to the only use that should receive. Applied it and it showed up in the user's email addresses
                      To send from that user, this is what I did (no addt'l virtual servers or SMTP connectors needed).
                      Created an account dedicated to receive mail from this domain. I changed the recipient policy to filter to only this user. Make sure the new domain is set as primary.

                      Set the mail to forward (optional) to the user who will be getting it at domain A
                      Give "send on behalf of" to the user at domain A

                      Now mail going to domain B user forwards to domain A user without a copy in their mailbox, and domain A user can "send as" Domain B user.



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                        Re: Sending mail via 2nd domain?

                        Thanks for the feedback, you're right on the nail with that. I missed this thread somehow, otherwise it would have been added and closed 2 years ago (July 2005...)

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                          Re: Sending mail via 2nd domain?

                          I had a similar problem a few months back. Since each employee needed 4 email addresses to send and receive from.

                          After adding the additional domains to the recipient policy, I created a new user account for each of the additional address and set a very complex password for each. I named them First Name-Domain Name so that they can all be added in Outlook (as additional mailboxes) and the display names are different. I gave their main user account full rights and added the "from" field to their Outlook profile.

                          The other option was to create a seperate profile in Outlook for each account and leave the display names the same, but this proved too confusing and the user had to close Outlook and switch to the other profile to view other emails.

                          It has been working great and is much easier to administer.