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Setup rpc/tcp(not https) on secure LAN?

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  • Setup rpc/tcp(not https) on secure LAN?

    OK, appologies if this is an obvious one...

    I successfully setup rpc/https for external client access. I have a single server exchange2k3 setup on a multihomed server2k3. The rpc virtual directories were automaticaly installed within my default http virtual server which services the external connection. I would now like to setup outlook client access from within my LAN. I realise the backwards nature of this process. I have a bunch of 2k machines that I would like to set up with the same capabilities available to XPsp2 machines connecting to Exchange via RPC/HTTPS. Am I stuck with an IMAP account (will this provide the same control over shared resources?) or is there a means of connecting via rpc/tcp? If so, how do i add additional rpc virtual directories and where? Thanks for any help and direction.