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Exchange 2003 First Storage Group Problem

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  • Exchange 2003 First Storage Group Problem

    I've recently inherited the care and feeding of the Exchange servers in our company and have a problem with the First Storage Group on one of the servers. The FSG contains only one user mailbox plus SMTP, SystemAttendant and SystemMailbox and has grown to a very large size (over 150GB). I want to migrate the existing user mailbox to another server and do an offline defrag, but I only have 8GB unused hard drive space available.

    Is it possible to do this? If not, can I migrate the system mailboxes to another storage group, delete the FSG and migrate the user back to another storage group on the box?

    Any and all help would be appreciated!!

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    Re: Exchange 2003 First Storage Group Problem

    An offline defrag wont help. Open the event viewer and under system application set a filter for event ID 1221. This will tell you how much recoverable space is available on your public and private stores providing you have done an online defragmentation (mail box management). Unless you have removed a great deal of emails from retention (by reducing the rentention size) or have just deleted a very large mailbox the recoverable space will be nominal and thus a waste of time as well as unncessary downtime. Bear in mind you will also need the equivalent amount of disc space ( store size x 2 ) to peform an offline defrag. So in your case an offline defrag is not an option unless you point esutil to a network share or some DAS storage (USB SAN etc) elsewhere. Either way i wouldnt recommend that option.

    Seeing as you are using Enterprise create a new database and migrate the mailboxes into that. Much quicker simpler and painless and most of all less downtime.
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      Re: Exchange 2003 First Storage Group Problem

      Thanks for the quick response. I did check the store using your suggestion and was able to view the amount of recoverable space available for use. I had earlier created three other stores and migrated the mailboxes of our high level execs to each of the stores to create manageable chunks of data that would be easy to backup and restore if necessary. I may move them back into the FSG and delete the smaller stores since all other mailboxes originally residing in the FSG have been migrated to other servers.

      Again, thanks for the assist.


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        Re: Exchange 2003 First Storage Group Problem

        If you only have one mailbox on the database and can move it, then do that and simply drop the database and create a new one. An offline defrag is a waste of time.

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