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Outbound Mail Stuck in the Queue

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  • Outbound Mail Stuck in the Queue

    Guys, all the messages in my Exchange Server 2003 is being queue up and not sent immediately. I highlighted two of the emails in the queue box and this are the message I get below.

    1. One message has: The remote server did not respond to a connection attempt.

    2. The second has: Unable to bind to the destination server in DNS.

    I had the queue folder open and I see some emails going but that is after about almost one hour. I want all the messages in my queue folder to get send immediately. Please help.

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    Have you tried any tests like telnetting from your exchange server to one of the recipents e-mail servers on port 25?

    Thats the first place i would start:

    There are other tutorials (google is your friend) if you aren't familiar with these methods of testing.

    Good luck!
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      Restart the server if you can. check dns.
      do you send email through mail relay? if yes check the mail relay to see if it function properly.
      do you have av for smtp gateway and exchange? if yes check that they're working without ant problems.
      does event viewer say something?
      check configuration of firewalls and ports.
      Good Luck


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        Raise a level of Diagnostic Logging - MSExchangeTransport -
        Routing Engine/Service
        Queuing Engine
        SMTP Protocol
        to logging level maximum
        and see event viewer errors


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          Re: Outbound Mail Stuck in the Queue

          Go to SMTP virtual Server. Properties, Delivery tab, Advanced, Click on "Configure"... Check that you dont have any External DNS servers listed there. In case you want to configure External DNS please configure it in DNS console.