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    I have 2 exchange 2003 servers in the same organization. Both are running service pack 2. Recently, I have an issue where a user on one exchange server forwards an HTML message to a user on the other exchange server, the body shows up blank. If the same user forwards the same message to the same user but sends it as rich text, it arrives OK. This does not happen with all messages, just certain ones. This is really annoying as I have searched everywhere and there seems to be a lot of users with the same issue, but I have not found an answer.

    I have tried all of the basics, remove AntiVirus, run the regedit for (I can't remember now), changed the stationary from none to blank.

    I would really appreciate some help with this.


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    Re: Blank Emails

    Anyone one? Have seen several post with this issue, surely someone has found a solution.


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      Re: Blank Emails

      Check on your exchange server ans see what the message encoding is set to.


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        Re: Blank Emails

        Message encoding:
        MIME: Both

        Character Sets
        MIME: Western European
        Non-MIME: Western European