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Sync with Exchange 2003 via PDA

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  • Sync with Exchange 2003 via PDA

    I am attempting to setup my DellAxim X50V to sync with my outlook folders at work. This is on exchange server 2003. How do I set this up ?

    I can access owa via the server, so don't believe I need to do anything the the server ????

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    Have a read of Daniel's excellent article at the following link and see if that helps.
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      I have read the article, but he specifically refers to setup without creating a partnership with a PC, but states "Note: Although using a PC and a USB cradle or travel sync cable is widely used, one can also use a wireless media to perform the synchronization. For example, if you have a wireless adapter on your PDA (and most models do) and you're in an area where you can gain access to a wireless access point that's connected to the Internet, you will be able to use that connection in order to perform the synchronization. In that case you don't really need a PC, just a connection to your server. I will not discuss that scenario here."

      I am hoping to setup over the web without pairing to a PC ???