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Address List from Query Based Distribution Group

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  • Address List from Query Based Distribution Group

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone may be able to help me here.

    I've imported a load of contacts from one Exchange organisation into an OU within another. I've created a Query Based Distribution Group based on the contents of this OU.

    I'd like to create an Address List with membership derived from the QBDL but I can't get it to work.

    I've tried filters such as below with no luck:
    User > Member Of - Is (exactly) - Cn=...
    Contact > Member Of - Is (exactly) - Cn=...
    They simply return no results.

    The above works perfectly if I create a standard Group and search for Users/Contact that are a member of the group.

    It feels like something missing in AD to allow searching of members of QBDGs as it doesn't work with a custom search via AD (as opposed to the Address List filter) either.

    Can anyone let me know what I'm doing wrong or what I might be missing please? Is there a specific LDAP query I should be using which takes advantage of the object class being msExchDynamicDistributionList?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Re: Address List from Query Based Distribution Group

    The problem is that the OU is not a recipient property (not a property of the user or contact object in the OU) as there is no "Member of OU" property for user or contact objects (or other objects for that matter). You need to define your filter based on a property of the contact.

    Using the membership of a group is also not a good filter as the memberof property is a backlink and can give unexpected results.

    I use the description field as my filter and give the objects a common description. Note that the description field is a "multi-edit" field, so you can select all your contacts and edit the description field at the same time for all the contacts.


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      Re: Address List from Query Based Distribution Group

      Hi Joe...

      Yeah, I thought of the description field, problem is it's a bigger operation overall.

      There's three Exchange organisations, each needs a copy of the other two as an Address List.

      I've got some software that exports the users and creates them as Contacts, I then need to create Address Lists. I was hoping to be able to use QBDGs so I wouldn't have to manually update the group for each address list each time the exports are done.

      Basically, at present, I'm looking at running the exports then logging onto three separate organisations then manually updating both of the Groups controlling the Address Lists on each org. Every week.

      I was hoping using QBDGs would mean I could just do the export/import and the rest would take care of itself.


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        Re: Address List from Query Based Distribution Group

        So the key is going to be creating a QBDG based on a property of the Contact that has a value when it's created and exported/imported.